Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mastering, Dubstep,

Prepare yourself for the filth:
Burn Paris Burn # 2 - Ajapai by burnparisburn

That collection of sounds made me happy in all the right ways. I've loved this song since I first tried to Limewire Acid Pro six years ago-

I tried to find the La Blue Girl video that came with it but the internet just doesn't want me to find it today... Which brings me to this all important list-
Peter's Evil Overlord List

You may or may not have read it already, but it's good to have a base set of rules if you are going to keep from failing at world domination.

If you're going to be near Memphis in May (or even if you aren't) you should click like here and say "joobs," or "Zephyr Ellis," or "Zephyr Ellis and joobs."

Hip hop like this makes me think of a simpler time-

And here's the song that got me back into dubstep this semester:

Below is a tutorial on mastering songs with iZotope:


  1. A lot of great stuff here! Dubstep is king!

  2. The first song was pretty bad but something made me laugh in the video. At 0:54, I used to play that game so often when I was younger! Haha

  3. the first song was sooo sweet, i just facebooked it so i can burn it as a cd for my car