New York rapper has sex with computers, teaches Mississippi to accept intertechno relationships.

joobs is a mississippi rapper influenced by the styles of Blackstar, Outkast, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. joobs is also an electronic musician influenced by the styles Lords of Acid, Lady Gaga, Mia, Excision and Depeche Mode. joobs blends these seemingly different genres into a smoothie of thoughtful lyrical rap over hard rave beats, rapping over dubstep, dance music, and with live bands.

joobs is a senior Interdisciplinary Studies major at Delta State University, enrolled in it's Delta Music Institute program. He serves as Vp of Promotions for the school's student record label- Fighting Okra Records and has been a chairperson for two years of his school's Hip Hop conference. Trained in engineering production and mixing, joobs has also run live sound at the "Folk Alliance" conference in Memphis.

So far as a rapper joobs has won the battle of the bands in Cleveland, Ms with Zephyr Ellis and performed around Northern Mississippi and Memphis. He has released two mixtapes, DReam In Perfect viSion instrumentals and Soundwave Sandman.